Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lollipop Flowers

The lollipop flower card from yesterday's post was made with Fiskars Ultra Shape Xpress. Although there are numerous templates available to use this tool with (right side up), it works fabulously when used free hand (that's with the orange spacer on). Horizon and large circles were cut free-hand style and the leaf and small circle used a template. It is a super fun tool to play with. Try some lollipop flowers out today and post a link here so that we can see them.

Don't forget today is the last day to get in the running for this week's blog candy!

Friday, February 27, 2009

The First Funkie & Free Fiskars Friday w/Flubs **Winners**

My first demo is over and was a success. The best lesson learned is that the Ultra Shape Xpress does not work if you turn the template upside down! After that it was smooth sailing and here is the card we made with lollipop flowers.

**Congratulations to our winners:
Nour Habib won for attendance a packet of Cloud 9 and Heidi Grace Stickers

Christina Liktorias won for rsvp'ing a Fiskars Coastal Craft Mat

Joan Wood won for Fiskars purchase a set of Fiskars Shape Templates

Thanks to everyone who came out and played today!**
Congratulating these winners will put your name in the hat for blog candy this week!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The place to be on April 25th

Momas Crop for Marty is a charity crop in Greenville SC to raise funds to make memory books for Mom’s who have lost infant children. We hope to raise enough money at this event to provide 50 books to March of Dimes Upstate and Carolina Perinatal Hospice..

If you would like to participate in this event in any capacity please contact me; donations are being accepted. We would first love it if you could attend the event or if you can’t maybe you would consider gifting it to a friend, or just sharing the information with your crafty friends via email or posting the event on your own blog. We also need items donated for goodie bags, door prizes, raffles, and the silent auction. These do not all necessarily need to be crafty items.

Leave your email in the comment section below this post if you want more information so that I can send you all the details. Plus all comments this week goes into a pot for blog candy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday's Word

If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success. Ecclesiastes 10.10 (NASB)
My hope is that, through my personal Bible studies shared with you on this blog, we can both keep our blades sharp. In this season, we never know who we may run into that just need a word of truth shared with them. God may use you to bring a timely word of encouragement to someone or to deliver a word of wisdom to another. Let’s study together and become skilled in the word of God.
Leave any suggestions here on what topic you would like to study more about.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You asked for got it!

Photos were the number one requested thing that all the poll takers wanted to see. So I am adding a slide show to the sidebar today that I will add to on a regular basis. So be sure to check back on it from time to time.

Remember to leave a comment about the slideshow to be entered for this week's blog candy. Thanks to all of you for a great first week blogging!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Blog Candy Mountain Monday! **Winner**

Well, last week was great fun with my very first blog and all that candy everyday but this week I want to do it a little differently. Instead of a daily winner, I will save all the candy and give it to just one person whose name I will draw from all posts at the end of the week. So if you visit daily and leave comments then you will have your name in the pot once for each day you posted. Even if you only visit once, you still have that one chance to win it all!

** picked #7 and that is Kathy H! Congratulations Kathy , you have just won all the blog candy for this week! Send me you snail mail info so that I can get your package out to you. Thanks to everyone who commented on all posts this week.**

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Gratitude Campaign

Have you ever wanted to say “thank you,” but didn’t…
then later wished you had?

Click here to watch the movie.

Have something to say to them now?...leave it here and I will share your comments with a local unit.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One for you, one for me...**Winners**

Blog candy that is! Today’s blog candy is double the pleasure, double the fun! Leave a comment here (include an email addy as always) and then send the friends that you want to share with here to Sondra's Studio/Study to leave a comment with their email addy and your name as sent by. I will draw a winner from all visiting friends by midnight Feb. 28th. The winner will earn blog candy for themselves and the friend who sent them.

**Congratulations to Pat Kahl and her friend Suzi who both won today's blog candy! If you notice Pat was the only one to comment on this thread so see how easy it is to win at Sondra's Studio Study! Pat please send me your snail mail info so that I can get these prizes out to you two. And thanks for playing today.**

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funkie & Free Fiskars Friday **Winner**

Next Friday Feb. 27th from 2pm - 5pm I will be at Funkie Munkie Scraps doing free demos of Fiskars products. Your card project will take less than 15 min to make so drop by anytime. And in true Fiskars spirit there will be prizes awarded.

In fact, lets start now. If you are planning to come to this event RSVP here and your names will go into a pot for another drawing to be held that day. You do have to attend the event to qualify for these prizes but you don't have to be present at the time of the drawing to win any of the prizes.

**Christina Liktorias won the prize! She rsvp'd via email after seeing the blog entry and then came to the event. She not only won a Fiskars Craft Mat but took home a lovely card. Christina your prize is waiting on you at the store. Thanks to all of you who came.**

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Convention is coming to town! **Winner**

Stamp Scrap Art Tour is coming to Columbia SC this weekend. A group of Fiskateers and myself are planning on meeting up there. Won't you join us? Afterwards, we are all going to be stopping by Pages From the Heart, A Scrapbook Store, too. So maybe you will catch up with us there.

Help me make my shopping list. Leave a comment here by 7am est Saturday listing the "must haves" and hottest new items to look for. Include your email address and after I get back home I will pick a winner to recieve some blog candy.

**I put names in the random generator and craftyemb came out on top! Congratulations and I will get your prize out to you soon. Thanks for playing everybody.**

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Shack is a must read! **Winner**

This book will challenge your religion for sure but it will also surely deepen your love for God. Once you've read it you will want to share it with all your loved ones.

If you have read The Shack by William P. Young please leave your review of this book here in the comment section before next Wednesday. And remember to leave an email address so that I can get one of you today's blog candy.
**Gigi, Congratulations, you are the winner of today's blog candy! Send me your snail mail information to and I will get your goodies right out to you. Thanks to all who left comments. We are all winners for having read this book.**

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, how can I be of service to you? **Winner**

Welcome back folks!

Today, I have posted a poll on the bottom of the page to find out how to make this blog one you want to visit time and again. Thank you for taking the time to take it and if you do, please leave a comment on this thread (including your email addy) so that I can reward one of you with some blog candy.

**Thanks for all the comments. The random winner chosen was MaryNSC! Congratulations Mary, your prize will be on its way to you soon.**

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm in Funkie Munkie Scraps! **Winner!**

Where fun, funkie, and fabulous things happen everyday!

If you've been, plan to visit, or wish you could visit this store in Greer SC leave a comment here with your email addy by midnight Sunday and someone will get my first blog candy!
**Thanks for playing everybody. Rosemary, you are the winner of my first blog candy offered here at Sondra's Studio/Study! I will just give you your candy the next time I see you at FMS!**