Saturday, February 21, 2009

One for you, one for me...**Winners**

Blog candy that is! Today’s blog candy is double the pleasure, double the fun! Leave a comment here (include an email addy as always) and then send the friends that you want to share with here to Sondra's Studio/Study to leave a comment with their email addy and your name as sent by. I will draw a winner from all visiting friends by midnight Feb. 28th. The winner will earn blog candy for themselves and the friend who sent them.

**Congratulations to Pat Kahl and her friend Suzi who both won today's blog candy! If you notice Pat was the only one to comment on this thread so see how easy it is to win at Sondra's Studio Study! Pat please send me your snail mail info so that I can get these prizes out to you two. And thanks for playing today.**


  1. Wow, first day on your blog, and very touched.. enjoying the inspirational music as I type, thanx! The movie was inspirational. I am a daughter of a LT COL in the Marine Corps, so have a strong understanding of that concept of honor and dignity that should be given to our citizens in uniform! A special "shout out" to them! My friend that I would like to share with would be Suzi, who introduced me to fiskateers... she is a sister in the Lord that I have known for over 20 years. sho will be going into the hospital this week, needing some extra prayers and encouragement.... She is the type woman that you can be real with, no pretense and she will be real in return.. I love you and thank you for that Suzi!!! Your sis, Pat #5751

  2. And I just wrote me heart down, and I WIN!!! Wow that was easy.. and I'm soo jazzed....
    My first win.. Thanx again hon... Your sight is lovely..
    Pat Fiskateer 5751