Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Irony that Produced Opportuniy for Meekness

I didn't know whether to title this Irony, Meekness (ie Strength Under Control), or Big Doors Swing on Little Hinges.

So far this year two very similar instances have come my way and caused me to pause and strongly consider my responses. To date I have been successful in taking the high road but boy does the enemy push me otherwise!

I have recently found myself under great scrutiny, and to my intended hurt, for keeping secrets. But I remember reading somewhere that Love Covers a Multitude of Sins! And when I look at successful people in society I notice that we don't know much of their personal life. Would they have made it to the top if we knew of the skeletons in their closets? Of course, you may argue that in the Kingdom everything is different. I say, yes, to be effective in ministry we must be willing to admit that we have clay feet...but...we don't have to take off our shoes and show them! It's for the sake of the ministry, after all! The's these very people's secrets that if I don't keep quiet about, will knock them out of a six figure (no exaggeration) blessing! Three sentences from my lips and it's all over! To be honest, I am no saint, and it would be much easier if these folk knew this and could acknowledge my efforts on their behalf but even that's not the case. They have no clue and will most likely still keep me under fire for being a secret keeper!

In the second situation, someone told absolute lies about me and I chose not to defend myself (trying to model what I see Jesus doing when He doesn't even speak to the accusations against Him). What you don't realize is that it don't end there...there is a snowball or ripple effect where it keeps going and going and only getting bigger and badder as it spreads and becomes very difficult to maneuver in. I only know of a few lies but the consequences for me have been so drastic that I am assuming their must have been more that I don't even have a chance of addressing. The irony, again, if I told what I know for absolute sure to be the truth about this person it would cost them their job. I had even casually counseled the person against this behavior but to not avail. So, figuring that it would eventually be discovered and not wanting to be associated with it I withdrew myself from their company. But the snowball has become an avalanche and the ripple a tidal wave. So that I don't find myself trying to survive a tsunami I have decided to completely remove myself from the whole situation and take my secrets with me. At times I struggle with the extensive damage this person can cause to many but the Bible speaks very negatively against tattletailing and that's my final answer!


  1. (trying to model what I see Jesus doing when He doesn't even speak to the accusations against Him).
    Where did that get Him in the end?
    Hi Sondra, I'm going thru my Fiskateer (I'm #3379) address book to see who is still scrapping or crafting. Glad to see you are still around. I hope all is well with you.

    1. Hey, I miss the Fiskateer group. I lost touch in 2010 when I had breast cancer and just haven't been back on. I think they moved to a Facebook group. Have a blessed holiday season.