Friday, March 6, 2009

Fiskars Friday

Let's talk about inchies today. They seem to be all the new buzz and I just love them! They are quick and inexpensive to make, great on cards and pages, and make good use of your scraps. What they are is 1 inch by 1 in pieces of art that you create any way you like. They can be very detailed or very simple in design. They are tons of fun to trade and then you have a stash of ready made embellishments to add to your paper craft projects.
Pictures here are of an inchie swap I hosted and two sample cards I have made using inchies.
Where does Fiskars come in? Well, they have these fabulous little squeeze punches that are perfect for inchie design. Go to and check out the large block party for your base as it punches a 1 inch square. Get the med size block party for a great layer to your inchie. And also try the med brick by brick which is 1 inch by 1/2 inch, also a perfect layer. As is the med round 'n round which is a 1 inch circle to layer onto your inchie base. There are some others you will find available for endless design ideas.
Try your hand at inchies and post a link here in the comment section for all to see. Remember any comments this month gets your name in the drawing for blog candy!


  1. I have never tried making inchies. I may have to give this a try!! I just got in the mail today the stamp sets that match with the squeeze punches. They are great fun!!!

  2. I have so much scraps -I should really give inchies a try.