Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tag, you're it!

Yesterday, I was tagged by a fellow Fiskateer, Brenda #5151.

Getting tagged means you have to go to the place on your computer where you store all your pictures and open the 4th folder, then open the 4th picture and post that picture with a description of what it is, and then tag 4 more people.

This is our youngest Granddaughter, Haley, trick or treating with her Dad (my ds) this past Halloween. Notice the cutest antennae and stinger her Mommy made for her.

Today, I am tagging 4 more Fiskateers

#627 Connie
#1867 Michele
#2569 Mardi
#4257 Amy

Tagging must be to someone with a blog, but not necessarily Fiskateers.

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