Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Technique Tuesday Tamp a Tile

Tamp a Tile was one of my favorites in the good old stamp days. Maybe some of you know it but have forgotten about it or maybe this is new to you. I do not have samples to post but click the link to the Blockheads Paper Arts website for some. Here are step by step instructions.

Great for backgrounds as well as the main feature on a card.

۰ Assemble the template on top of cardstock.
۰ Tape the template to the cardstock.
۰ Remove one piece of the tile at a time and stipple on desired color.
۰ Replace the previous tile piece before stippling another section.
۰ When complete, untape the template and slide it away from cardstock.
۰ Embellish artwork as desired.
۰ Remember to clean the tiles before using again.

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  1. Ohhhhh thats pretty neat! Thanks for the link to the site -gave me more of a visual.