Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word of the week

More thoughts on the foundational topic of marriage.

-Ignorance increases the chance of failure in anything we do. Be teachable on the subject of marriage and seek out wisdom from reliable sources.
-Remember that when parents resolve conflicts and the marriage remains intact, children learn from that. They also learn from divorce.
-Conflict is not the problem, lack of commitment is the problem. When you decide to stay committed and divorce is no longer an option you will be more motivated to work at the relationship.
-Living together outside of marriage doesn't work because it is done from a selfish spirit. It is performance based, not commitment based; a test to see if one can meet the other's needs and if not, they are out of there.
-Marriage is not about me getting my needs met, but about me giving/committing my life to another. Covenant is not made, covenant is cut. God cut covenant with us. It is a blood sacrifice.
-Evil company corrupts good habits according to 1Corinthians 15:33. Watch for those who too easily support divorce. Instead, surround yourself with friends who have a low tolerance for divorce.
-Anything with a weak foundation will easily crumble. We need to look to Jesus, not our spouse, to have our core needs (security, identity, acceptance and purpose) met. Jesus told the lady at the well that she would always thirst unless she drank from His well.
-Fun...research shows that couples that have fun together have marriages that last longer. So grab your mate and go do something together today that makes you both laugh!

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