Friday, March 27, 2009

Funkie & Free Fiskars Friday **Winners**

Today was the day! We had a great time once we got started. First let me apologize for the time mix up. I understand that there were several ladies waiting on me at 2:00 today. That was a misprint on the calendar. There was a corrected email sent out but some got them and some didn't. I really hate that happened.

For the ones that made it back at 4:00 we impressed with the Easy Stamp Press. Everyone made 2 cards this week. And we have 2 winners! We would have had 3 winners but the only rsvp we had to this blog emailed to let me know she would not be able to make it after all and she was the only one in the running for the prize. So remember that in the future; sometimes, all you have to do is show up...and you get a prize!

Now for the winners...Linda Currin won the drawing for participating and Starr Boone won the toss for purchasing Fiskars products! Congratulations to both! Your prizes are waiting at the store for you to pick up on your next visit. Hope to see all of you next month.

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